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IT Academy: Social Studies
  •  My Civics course is going to be specifically on the Executive branch of the government. It will be a five day course separated into a catagory or multiple catagories depending on the assignment for that day. This course includes worksheets, study guides, testing, and overall knowledge of government itself. This course was created as a new take on the way academic courses can be presented and taken. 

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  • From the unsupported, rising taxes to the fall of Britan's rule in the American colonies; you adventure will be following the  Rise of the U.S.A.

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  • In this course you will be studying about the forming of our government that we have today. You will learn about Washington’s Presidency and how it was a struggle for the first President of the newly found nation, you will also learn about the different challenges that the new government had to overcome to get to the point where we are at now, and the final lesson is on the Federalists and how they will take charge.

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  • In this five day course my students will be learning about The Gold Rush by doing interactive activities.
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  • This is a short course built by DMT student Donovan Pruzinsky that covers an introduction to the French and Indian War.

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  • Political Science instructor April Stewart works with the DMT shop to explore content within her classroom by bringing her students into the realm of digital media production where they apply their classroom knowledge to creation of media product.

    Students of Mrs. Stewart's class explore the up-coming political climate and dig into the Presidential candidates through online research, viewing of debates and exploration of the issues.  Upon of completion of their classroom research and discussion activities they formulate an opinion piece and turn that opinion into a script for a political TV commercial.  Students then work with DMT students in the Jeff Tech studio to produce a multimedia version of their commercial.

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